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Textile Digital Printer

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opetarion process:

this machine is digital direct injection, First copy the pictures to the computer, then put the material flating on the platform of the flat printing machine, finally adjust the color and size on computer. After finished these, click print button.. The pattern will be printed on the material directly. Once imaging without plate-making, the color and pattern unlimited.

Machine parameter and illustration:

Model: NC-610
Print width: 610mm  
Print length :1700mm 
Print thickness:  200mm  printing nozzle can adjust freely   
print color:   8color: C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,LK,LLK
Print orientation:     Intelligent two-way print
Print speed:    A4  one minute
The max material thickness:   12CM
Print accuracy:    2880DPI*1440DPI
Ink volumn:    220ML
Special ink:   Dye ink/ pigment/textile ink/ TC S ink
Height adjustment:    Manual intelligence adjust
Voltage required:   110-220V 50-60HZ 78W
System Interface:  USB2.0/IEEE1394
operating platform: Windows95,98,NT,2000,XP,
Working environment:   10-35C,20-80RH
Equipment weight: 250KG
concave-convex    : Within 5 mm can print


Digital printer feature:

1.    No need plate making, fast printing and low price, can support kinds of output software and format;

2.    Changing color by computer directly, also with color management software, can change color anytime and anywhere, no extra fee.

3.    One step complete, Instant printing with instant take ,can fullfil the demand for speedily produce sample and mass products.

4.    One piece at least for printing, it can save much time and effort for a large quantities matched with template printing.

5.    Full color image, finished one time, gradual color can totally reach the quality effect of photos, accurate fixing position, zero rejection rate.

6.    Just only 30 minutes, you can grasp the method of producing products , without professional skill.

7.    Computer operating, not reply on workers, wide space of upgrading.


Printing material:

Glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, bamboo, wood, organic, leather, marble,rubber , USB,and so on.